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The legal English in practice

Charlotte Oliver

Solicitor of England and Wales, Avvocato in Italy

The various paragraphs of this Chapter will focus on the following topics.

The first paragraph will trace the roots and history of legal English terminology as it has evolved alongside the common law system and the system of equity in England and Wales.

Some key English language terms and vocabulary, referred to in the following paragraphs of this Handbook, will be particularly useful to EU legal practitioners studying the Succession and Matrimonial Property Law Regulations. The key terminology is explained in more details in the Glossary at the end of the Chapter.

The second paragraph will focus on key elements of the English legal system in the areas of succession law, property law, and family law, which are particularly relevant to this training project, in the context of the European Regulations.

Studying and interpreting the EU Regulations in the English language requires background knowledge of the original concepts as seen in the context of common law.

The key concepts of English law of property and succession examined in this paragraph refer to the legal system of England and Wales.

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